The weight loss challenge’s. Chuck the 90 day firehouse… Say What?

In my quest to improve my health and lose some weight I have entered into more than one contest.  There is the Chuck the Chunk: On the Road to Dad 2.0 Summit 2014.  A bunch of Dad Bloggers competing to get more fit and lose weight before the Dad Blogger summit in January 2014 in N’awlins. Not sure if I’m going but it I liked the sentiment and jumped on board.  Lots of fun and support in this group with guys all across the country.  Been fun so far.  The next contest is the 90 day fitness challenge at Lifetime Fitness. Since the first contest goes till January I figured a middle goal would be good to keep me focused.  There is also a 10,ooo dollar winner for this one so that helps the focus as well!  On to the third contest which is a cash bet with a couple fellow firefighters in my firehouse.  This one ends in September and actually had an extension because … well no one was working on it.  But I have the focus back, have been eating much better and exercising regular.  I’m staying the course… do I smell pizza?


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