Most impressive song (and CD)

jr recessSorry for the absence the last week has been rather hectic as we  had a gig and I just sent the new CD off to be replicated (yeah!!!).  Recently  I received a couple new CD’s one of which was the new Justin Roberts CD Recess.  The CD itself is excellent.  Go buy it! But I’m not gonna talk about the whole CD.  Just one song.  It’s the title song Recess itself that really  inspires and exasperates  me at the same time!  How so you ask?  Well let me tell you…  First it just sonically powerful, majestic and sweeping.  Justin and his partner in crime/producer Liam Davis do just a fantastic job of capturing the joy of recess on a school day.  What starts as a simple power pop song quickly evolves into much more.  From the many layered vocals to the subtle drum fills and majestic horn parts this song took some time and a lot of work.  The song swoops down at the bridge and comes out soaring again.  The thing for me is that if you listen to a song like this,  then generalize all “kiddie” music as the same, you’re a fool.  For the craftsmanship of this song is as good as any genre being made today and better than most.  This is also the exasperating part as well.   After hearing a song like this one may feel a little bit intimidated afterward.  It’s that good.  But in the end it should inspire people to go out and make great music.  Good music knows no age is out motto.   Justin Roberts and the Not Ready For Naptime Players  sure get that one right!  You can hear it on the Justin Roberts music page here


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