My job, the family and the band.

Yesterday I spent the day at home because my son had a fever of 100.  Which was much better that the fever of 103 the day before when I was at the firehouse.  The thing with my job is that when your working your working.  24 hours away from the family followed by 48 hours off.  So it falls upon my wife to take care of the kids the days I’m away.  So she had to head home early from work yesterday as I cannot.  Thanks to technology I was able to schedule the doctor’s appointment as she drove home but that’s it.  Now I am blessed I get to spend copious amounts of time with my kids but some days it’s a little frustrating.  Lucky for me I have a great wife.  Because of her awesomeness the band exists, rehearsal happen and recordings take place.  Without her support Poochamungas wouldn’t be possible. So as Fathers Day approaches I would like to thank my wife.  She makes it possible for my creative endeavors to take place and takes pretty darn good care of the family making me a better father and husband in the process.


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