Rehearse, rehearse, and a Printcopia canvas print giveaway!

So with a new CD mostly finished and a gig just around the corner we have been rehearsing a new show.  We have had up to 8 people on stage and we are limiting this one to 5 for a couple of reasons.  One is it’s easier to coordinate the players and to stay tight with only 5 people.  We now have a show in place and right now smaller is better.  Not that I don’t intend to return to female vocals and sax.    But I think we need to start smaller and work our way up.  I think the band got to big too fast.  My fault.  But I do like the big sound that comes with it!  So we’ll start smaller this time around and then  add as we grow.  The smaller band is tight and sounding good at the moment.  Our show is at Schubas this Saturday, March 23rd at 3pm.  It’s gonna be a good time!

printcopia canvas

Printcopia canvas prints giveaway!

I usually don’t get involved in raffles or give aways but this one is pretty cool.  A  fellow dad blogger Designer Daddy  (that’s his sons pic at the top) in conjunction with Printcopia is giving away 3  canvas prints you can customize for the walls of your house, music studio (that was supposed to be inside voice) or office.  Just click on the link here and they will give you the details on the sizes you can order.  I was thinking what would I  enlarge pics of my kids, maybe the dog and then it hit me.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

My last warm day on a sandy beach in California…  Right?  Or maybe the kids, for my wife, though she might dig the beach as well.  Either way go enter to win today at the link below.  Good luck and print something cool!


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