Dissapointment, PR, and my son turns 3!

kindiefestIn the last blog I talked about applying for gigs and accepting it isn’t personal. Every year there is a kids music conference in Brooklyn, NY called Kindiefest.  Kindiefest hosts a Saturday night showcase for up and coming bands… Well once again the Kindiefest has chosen the artists to perform at their showcase and once again the Poochamungas have failed to make the bill.  We were not chosen to play at the conference.  While I figured we wouldn’t I am still disappointed.  Here’s the thing.  I know it’s not personal.  But I have been to two previous Kindiefests.  I have promoted it even in the year I couldn’t go.  People have a face to go along with the Poochamungas name and most importantly my music and show are ready.  It took a lot of doing to get to the point where we are actually ready and not just thinking we are.    Some of the improvements to my show and CD are a direct result of talks with the people running Kindiefest.  They have been a great resource and for that I am grateful.   So this year when I applied by creating a  new profile on Reverbnation (it was free) I was hopeful.  The thing is, I probably know a bunch of Artists feeling exactly like I am right now.   But once again I realize IT’S NOT PERSONAL. The people who run the event have to sift thru hundreds of applications and I am one of many who are disappointed.  That’s the way life works.  Get over it and move on to the next gig application.  So congrats to those who got a slot.  Have a great show and see you at Kindiefest.Pooch head stars

Public Relations.  That’s the word I ponder much these day.  I’m looking at hiring a publicist for the next CD.  I feel it’s worthy.  I would like more people hear it and play more gigs as well.  Right now I do everything for the band.   Write, produce, book gigs, schedule rehearsals, and do all the publicity (posters, internet, this blog, etc).  Well there are only so many hours in the day.  I still have a job, wife and two kids so I am reaching out for help but help costs money.  Is the investment in a Publicist worth the end result? Some people swear by them and others aren’t so sure.  I have been fortunate to talk to some knowledgeable people and have to make a decision. Soon.  I’ll let you know.


Best guy in the world

My son turned 3 today.  He keeps growing taller and smarter everyday.  His speech has leaped forward and he sees everything. He’s had a lot of influence on my music along with his sister.   Plus one of his favorite things to say is “Dada. Let’s Jam.”  He’s my drummer/keyboards/guitarist and lead singer at the same time.  Totally awesome.  Happy Birthday son I love you.

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