Booking gigs, demos and the Grammys

So prior to the New Zealand adventure and after I have been endeavouring to book gigs for the band.  Not only am I the Songwriter and Executive Producer for the new CD Block Party which should come out in the spring I have a host of other duties as well.  They are as follows – Manager, publicist, roadie, sound engineer, equipment manager and Guitarist/vocalist.  Not uncommon in the world of music but still a lot to do when you add Husband, Parent of 2 and Chicago Firefighter.  So I try to book one gig a day or at least send an inquiry as to playing a gig somewhere.  I slowed up on this back in December as we were working on the new CD and the holidays were upon us.  So now I am back to the grind.  If anyone would like us to play an event in their  area let us know and we would be glad to inquire.   Now to send another email and make another phone call…

The 4 song demo is nearly ready in time for the Grammys.  All sorts of industry folks are supposed to be there and I should be appropriately prepared.  At least that is the intention.  John Abbey at Kingsize studios has been doing a heck of a job mixing along with Alton Smith who has been doing a heck of a job getting us the right sound and leading the band in the proper direction.  The four songs that are going on the demo are Imagination Train, Bah Humbug Halloween, End of the day and My Favorite Summer Day.  Each is different than the others with four different singers and 4 different styles.  Like a band buffet.  Hope those that get a listen like what they hear.

And since we mentioned the Grammys it looks to be a busy couple of days.  I fly on Friday in the late morning and then go where I don’t know (remember to pick up tickets!)  It’s free day so I’m going to try to visit family and friends.  Saturday it’s off to the Children’s Grammy Nominees Family Concert.  There I shall get to see Bill Harley, The Pop-ups, Elizabeth Mitchell, The JumpinJazz Kids Band and our family favorites and friends The Okee Dokee Brothers.  I look to enjoy the show and it’s followed by the ANNUAL NETWORKING LUNCHEON for the children’s recording arts industry (I took it right off the web site!)  Here is where I hope to hand out a few CD’s.  Then the next day it’s the main event as the 55th Grammy awards take place with this guy in attendance. The seats are a bit high up. (I may take a picture with a Lakers championship banner if you get my meaning.)  But I will be there!  Also the kids Grammy is given earlier in the day (it’s much more informal) in a completely separate building followed later by the main event.  Then to the main event and then dinner with Bill Harley, his wife Debbie and some others.  Looking to be quite an enjoyable evening indeed!



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