Reflection on life and the holidays

The last time I wrote an entry for here I had left it alone because it was getting late and I was going to review it before publishing it here on the blog.  Then Newtown, CT happened and it seemed irrelevant to write about making kids album and enjoying turkey dinners.  Now as I ponder it those things are never irrelevant because making music and bringing joy to myself and others should always be cherished.  That sharing meals with loved ones with laughter and joy is the whole reason we get of bed in the morning and go to work.  When I’m not raising kids, or making music I go to work as a firefighter.  We lost 9 active members in the department this year, two which were fire related . A tough year on this job and still nowhere near the tragedy of the young lives lost in Connecticut.  Because we as firefighters made the choice to do what we do.  We are adults and made a decision to fight fires.  Ask a first responder what bothers them most on the job and every single one will tell you it’s the incidents involving children.  So my heart goes out to the parents and those first responders on scene.  But I also say this.  Don’t let the hate win.  Hug your kids, call your mom and sing a silly kids song.  Remember to enjoy the beauty and joy around you and be wary of danger. But don’t let the hate and fear determine how you live life.  It’s much to joyous a thing to miss out on!


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