Farewell my friend. Original Poochamungas Porter 11-12-2012


She was found in a sack.  Dumped off at a Piggly Wiggly in Arkansas.  Recovered with the rest of her siblings and brought to the mother of the woman who recovered the pups.  Mom was alone and 88 and what better than a puppy to keep her company…  A lab/border collie puppy filled with endless energy and zipping about the house.  She would be waiting by the fence every time I threw out the trash.  The dog lived across the alley from my garage and the tail would wag at a 1000 miles an hour so happy to see you.  So desperate to be petted and loved.  That would never change.  So I would throw out the trash and pet the dog called ‘Bootsy’.  Then a month later I notice the dog is gone and ask the 88 year old neighbor where’s the dog.  “Oh I couldn’t handle her.  Two much energy for me”  “That’s a shame” I said because we had talked about getting a dog.  Someone to be home with my wife while I was at the firehouse.  Then a week later there’s barking  across the alley.  ‘Bootsy’ was back.   “What happened Jeanette?” I asked.  “My daughter went by the people she had given the dog to and found here tied to a tree in a rainstorm” she replied.  “Well I’m interested” I told her.  “Just need to talk to my wife.”  So I leave to go to discuss this at home.  30 minutes later as we had agreed the dog would be a good fit the neighbor is traipsing through my back yard.  “Do you want her now?”  I think Jeanette was in a hurry.  “We’ll come get her in an hour” we said.  Needed to get some supplies.  Had to go buy leashes, food, dog bowls, etc.   Needless to say we slept little the first night with the 6 month old Tasmanian devil always so desperate for attention and fear of abandonment.  After our second night of no sleep I called my friends Mom who trained dogs and then we hired a trainer to come by the house.  She showed us how to walk the dog properly, how to encourage living in a kennel and how to say NO to the dog plus we signed up for dog training class.  We quickly found out she was a very smart dog.  Too smart sometimes.  She had a penchant for escaping the backyard.  She never ran away so much as looked for others to give her more attention.  We would always get a call (always had tags on her with home phone) a few times a year starting with “I opened my car door and your dog jumped into the back seat” or “We just came home and she followed us into the house.”  Porter was determined to make as many friends as possible.  Did I mention we renamed her Porter.  I had once met a girl named Porter and it’s also the name of a beer.  Double win!!!   She adored my nephew Chris who I think was her most  favorite person ever.  He would play with them for hours.  He would leave the house and they would pass out. (We would add Henson 2 years later.)  She was good to my kids and  growled rarely at them, usually when they deserved it.  She was empathic to anyone in the house feeling sad.  She was full of energy and happiness.  She feared no animal anywhere but would freak out when the wind blew the door open.  She was a great dog and we were blessed to have her for 15 years.  She along with my other dog Henson are the Original Poochamungas so named by my nephew and myself for their penchant of wrecking stuff.  One day the Pooches among us became the POOCHAMUNGAS!  Everything in the song about them is true. She is gone and will be missed.  Thank you Porter for making our live a whole lot more interesting . You brought a whole lot of joy and happiness to this family.


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