New songs, familiar gigs and finishin the CD

So we have released a new single for the Halloween Holiday called Bah Humbug Halloween!  It’s a new take on a familiar character in literature. It seems before Mr. Scrooge hated christmas he hated Halloween.  All those kids asking for FREE candy… How dare they!  So they enlist some help to change Mr. Scrooge.  Go check out the song at the Poochamungas Myspace page or send us an email at poochamungas(at)  If you send us the email we’ll send it back free.  it’s 29 cents on CD Baby.  Either way it’s a great song for the upcoming holiday.

In other Halloween news we will once again be playing at the Bethel Community Church Trunk or Treat.  It’s a great event where the church closes off the parking lot and members decorate their cars and hand out candy.  There is also hot chocolate, popcorn, bonfire and of course the Poochamungas playing live starting at 5:30pm. We will also be joined by Original Pooch Sean!  It’s a great time for the whole family so stop on by!

With us getting into the studio on SunDay we now have 12 songs recorded towards the next Cd which is about 80% complete.  maybe one more song and then all the overdub parts.  I would like to add some horns to a few songs and probably redo some vocal parts.  It’s all sounding pretty good to my ears and hopefully soon to your ears too.  Thanks  for reading and have a great day.


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