Post Norwood Park, Halloween and new Halloween song!

Well we went and played Norwood Park Fest and all in all it was a very good time.  Everything was a little late but no real problems.  Joe Love of Imposter Radio was awesome filling in on lead guitar as was Anna Fermin filling in on vocals.  Along with the usual suspects Alton, Don, Frank and myself it made for a strong set.  The only thing I was disappointed in was that they held the dog parade in front of our stage. Which was great!  What better than a dog parade in front of a stage filled with the Poochamungas and all the kids right there.  It was perfect.  The problem came after the Dog Parade when they had this money drop for kids.  Not in front of the stage. Nope.  Back on the other side of the fest.  So all the kids left!  So hopefully we get to play again next year and we rectify the situation.  My hats off to the Norwood park Fest people they really did a great job on such short notice.  All the bands were great. Fast Eddie, Handsome Dave and the Ravens, My friends Strain Busy Sky and the headliner Imposter Radio (Joe Loves Band).  If you get the chance to see any of these bands go and do it.

Looks like we are back at the Bethel Community Church for our annual Trunk or Treat performance.  It’s always a great time and every year Original Poochamungas Shawn returns to play with us for his one performance of the year.  With 30 to 40 cars parked and decorated, bonfires and hot chocolate what is not to like!  The church has been supportive of the band and this is our way of saying thanks!  It is a really great way to do a lot of trick or treatin’ in a very short time! It’s on October 31st and the the band and the festivities start at 5:30PM!

So we have a date that we are going to try an return to the studio and included is new song for Halloween.  It’s a song about old Mr. Scrooge and if he didn’t like Christmas he sure don’t like Halloween!   Hopefully it will ready for performance for the Trunk or Treat!  If it’s ready before Halloween I’ll be sure to make a copy available for all the faithfull readers!


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