Norwood Park, school strikes and CD news

So this Saturday, September 22 at 3pm we are going to take the stage at the Norwood Park Fest welcoming in the Autumn season.  Lots of great music, things to do for kids and food and beverages for the whole family.  It’s taking place at 6088 N Northwest Highway, Chicago, IL next to the Metra station.  Please stop on by and stuff a scarecrow or watch the dog parade but don’t forget the Poochamungas are rocking the stage at 3pm!  A list of bands is below.

Today the teacher’s strike ended and I am happy to have my little girl back in school.  She is happy as well.  I hope cooler heads prevail and the true best interests of the children are put first.  I tend to trust the teacher point of view on this as opposed to the politicians.  We have an Excellent neighborhood public school and I am thankful for the staff teaching my child.  May she have a productive school year.

Last but not least we are to start mixing the CD this month back at Kingsize and still have one more track to record.  Hopefully the schedules of all involved will synchronise and the world comes together in peace and harmony.  Or at least we get the last song recorded.


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