First day of school, recently added gig and life in general

So yesterday was my daughters first day of school.  She was quite excited as her new teacher was the assistant teacher she had last year.  She got out of school and told my wife in the car the Second grade is funner than first grade!  I am glad she is quickly making the adjustment to the new school year.  My hope is that classes continue beyond this Friday as the Chicago Teachers Union may go on strike on September 10th.  Hopefully the teachers and administration can figure it out and cooler heads prevail and the kids stay in school.

So the last gig we had got rained out.  The St. Helen Carnival was a no go for us.  We were ready but alas no one wants to get electrocuted for their art. A total dissapointment.   But late last week I got a call from my friend Phil asked if we would be available to play at Norwood Park Fest.  It seems another friend Joe mentioned us and Phil called immediately.  Joe plays in a great cover band called Imposter Radio and Phil sings for Strain Busy Sky.  Both are excellent and worth coming to see.  Its Saturday, September 22 starting at noon.  When we go on stage will be announced soon.  Stay tuned and come on out for a great time!

So that where things stand right now.  The CD has been on an August break due to the fact John and Alton have been taking time for their families and what not…SLACKERS! (not hardly)  Hopefully we return to the studio soon to record one more song and get to editing and mixing.  So stay tuned…



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