My neighborhood growing up, recording and gigs coming up

I have had the great fortune to grow up on a block on the northwest side of Chicago.  I’m kind of George Bailey in the fact that I always thought I’d leave but in fact still live within 2 mile from where I grew up.  I gotta say Jefferson Park in the  70′ and 80’s was a great place to be.  It’s from my childhood and that of my kids that I draw the materials for writing songs for kids and families.  But I fear the childhood I had is gone.  That the kids of today will never know the freedom we had as kids and the ability to develop problem solving and creative skills are diminishing.  When I was 7 I had the run of the whole block.  In city speak that was the 4 surrounding streets and the alley that ran down the middle.  We were told not to play by the busy street.   As I got older the boundaries expanded as did our games and number of players.   I knew and played with almost every kid on that island of wonder.  Baseball, wiffle ball, pinners, football, kick the can, catch one catch-all, capture the flag, spud, and our own dodgeball game called mush where it was everyman for himself.  I don’t ever recall a parent in our midst when we were playing.  Arguments were solved by us.  Fights were resolved by us as well.   Occasionally someone went and got a parent but that was usually because someone was bleeding or broke something.  All in all we got along pretty well.   Thankfully now, for us, there are a few kids in the neighborhood to play with.  The kids make up their own games and hopefully as they grow older that number of kids expands as do the boundaries.  That they learn to look out for each other as we did.  Mind you I’ll probably be keeping an eye out as I water the lawn or occupy a chair on the front stoop.  Probably both.

Just got done recording three songs in the studio and here are a few of the pics.

 The Poochamungas play three shows in the next week so be sure to come out and see them!  July 14th Chillin and Grillin for a Cure.  July 15th Island in the City.  July 20th Skokie Public Library.


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