The pursuit of music excellence and a gig.

So I was with my daughter the other day for her skating lesson and she likes to arrive early and leave late.  Before her lesson the advanced skaters work on their routines and after her  lessons  advanced skaters have group conditioning and lessons.  There is a small group within the group and one girl in particular that are really good.  That for them it isn’t enough just to skate but to skate at the highest level possible.  Especially the one girl.  She makes it look easy even among her peers who are skating at a high level.  That is where I would like our band to be.  That we make it look easy because of all the hard work that no one ever sees.

Poochamungas have a gig Sunday, May 6th at Noon.  We’re part of the Boppin’ and Burgers Family Music series that we started at the Blues Bar in Mount Prospect.  Stop on by as it’ll be a good time and the Burgers are great!


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