Kindiefest, pizza and lifes responsibilities

So it’s that time a year once again when the kids music world turns to Brooklyn, New York for Kindiefest.  The annual get together for artists in the kindie world.  I have attended for the last two years and it’s really a fun and informative event.  Lots of fellow artists to talk to as well as DJ,s people who book shows, etc.   If you want to read what I had to say on last years event you can see my post event blog right here.  So this year it seems I am unable to attend.  While I am in the middle of making a new CD and would like to promote it at this event it just isn’t going to be happening. I am bummed because I was looking forward to hearing Caspar Baby Pants, Lori Henriques and others. Unfortunately  work, kids and lifes responsibilities are  the cause for my absence.  Also just for the record it was I who bought the pizza during last years Saturday night showcase.  Not because I was looking to be a hero but simply because I was hungry and wanted to hear the bands (they were really excellent).  I was always taught to bring enough for everybody and it seemed in bad taste to order just one pizza. So I ordered a dozen.  To those of you attending this year have a slice and a beer and think of me kindly.  If something changes and I can go that would be great but for now it is not in my reality.  I do wish they could have it one year in Chicago…Hint! Hint!  Centrally located with a vibrant kindie scene.  I even know a great location. But I digress…   Have a great time, look for a new Poochamungas CD in the fall and I hope to attend again in the future.


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