Spring break, Fretknot and Anna Fermin

Due to the nature of recording and the fact all the musicians in my band have busy lives we probably won’t return to the studio till May.  We may work on a few little things but no major recording.  We will however be playing a rare evening gig at the Independence Tap on Friday, April 13 at Fretknot Friday.  It’s an open mic with a band playing the halftime show.  We’re the band and it’s a lot of fun.  Most of the audience/talent is from the Old Town School of Folk Music and I have been in attendance a few times.  The reason we are playing is our bass player and Uke master Don is a regular and wanted to bring the band.  So of course we said yes.   We’ll do some covers and of course some Poochamungas and maybe a new song as well.  We’re looking forward to a good time.

Earlier this year we re-released Imagination Train with the super talented Anna Fermin singing  and it is amazing.  Now Anna has released a couple of CD’s of her own today and you should go get them.  She is an amazing talent with one of the best bands I ever heard backing her up.   I just saw them in Kenosha and would be there at SPACE in Evanston on Thursday, March 29th but…  I have a rehearsal and a retirement party to go to.  But go!  You’ll thank me later.  In honor of Anna we are giving away the Imagination Train Re-mix.  Send an email to poochamungas at yahoo.com and put Imagination in the subject line.  Then go buy one of her CD’s and go see a show.  All the details are on her website AnnaFermin.com .


3 responses to “Spring break, Fretknot and Anna Fermin

  1. Nice article and give-away with our dear Anna Fermin!! Remember, she is also performing at FitzGerald’s, 6915 W Roosevelt in Berwyn, on Friday night, April 6th!! Enjoy her!!
    Singingly, VOICING YOU! Sheryl at RakVocal~~ 🙂