They ain’t all happy songs.

I find my self lately writing not only about family, kids, and my childhood.  But of things going on and politics of late.  I have written a song called The Debt which is honor of my fellow first responders and the attack we are under these days.  As I am a union firefighter here in Chicago the attacks become personal.  So I wrote a song in response.

The Debt

In the firehouse watching TV.  The day the towers came down

Three hundred and forty three brothers laid in the ground

Didn’t know what to do.  I quickly said a prayer

For three hundred and forty three and my fellow brothers everywhere.

I said a prayer for the cops. Later Port Authority too

They all knew the risk.  Risked it for me and you ……that day

            Politicians said they’d never forget.  Always remember the debt

                        Now that we’re all in debt.  How quickly they forget

            Now cops and firefighters are to blame. Cost of their pensions to high

            The politicians play their game.  Let their rich donors walk on by

I remember how we rose up.   Eleven years ago after that day

How we stood side by side.  Swore the bad guys would pay

Now our countries laid low.  By people of our own.

Firefighters out of work.  Can’t afford to pay on his home.

On the TV everyday politicians Decry

                                    Our Economy can’t go on this way

                                    While they got both hands in the PIE

In the firehouse watching TV.  The day the Towers came down

Three Hundred and Forty Three brothers buried in the ground




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