Recording realities and patience

What I want is an unlimited budget and a plethora of available time.  Spending day after day in the studio writing songs, working out demos and ordering pizza and beer at all hours. 

 "Hammering out the Block Party"

  Like a behind the music episode.  Well my reality is a wife, two kids and a full-time job.  This is a reality for members of my band as well.  My budget is limited as well so studio time has to be efficient.  There has to be a plan.  Scheduling is probably the hardest thing to do.  So about twice a month we get together the necessary pieces and go to work.  So March is upon us and back to the studio we return.  We have 8 songs right now in different stages of finished.  Block Party Day is the closest along with Games We Played and Little King

So we are progressing as we overdub in Mid-March and maybe lay down a few new tunes around the end of March.  I think we’ll have 12 songs when all is said and done on the yet to be named album. 

So goods things are on the horizon it just takes a little patience to get to the finish line.


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