A gig, a FREE Song, and an evening show…

So yesterday the band headed northwest to the suburb of Lake Zurich to play at the Lake Zurich Performing Arts Center.  We opened for the show Alice in Wonderland as part of a Community Day they were having.  My friend Marcel and I had been talking about a kids music series and we gladly accepted when he invited us to play  The space is really cool and the techs and everyone else were quite excellent.  Mind you other than my friend Marcell they are all Lake Zurich High School students.  They did a great job.  My thanks to all of them who helped us as they were outstanding.  Plus we got to watch the actors warm up as we were setting up.  Their costumes were outstanding as were the characters they were playing.  It looks to be an excellent production.  Thanks for the invite the Poochamungas had a great time.

So in the previous post I talked about the song Imagination Train and how because of my  inexperience the song never sounded quite right.  I as the producer was a bit green.  Well John Abbey has re-mixed the song, Anna Fermin was kind of enough to re-cut the vocals and Alton Smith did the harmonies and PRESTO!  It sounds great!  If you would like a copy of the song all you need to due is send an email to this address – poochamungas_at_yahoo.com   (Be sure to skip the spaces, just trying to avoid spammers).  We will send you the new version of the song.  If you don’t want to be added to our mailing list add it to the body of the email.  That’s it!  Thanks for being a fan of the Poochamungas.

For all our friends without kids who have been wanting to hear us play it looks like we are going to do an evening show the second Friday in April.  As soon as we have a final confirmation we’ll put the event up on facebook and post it here as well.  We’ll do some Poochamungas and some covers and maybe a debut a song or two!  So thanks as always for reading and support your local Poochamungas!


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