True Christmas Spirit and other ramblings

  I was going to take the time here today to castigate a certain chicago venue and their lack of professionalism thru lack of communication…  But those are negative and vain thoughts that would only serve my ego.  Though writing a blog is a vain practice to begin with as we the writer believe that we have something to say that you the reader would enjoy to read and learn something in the process.  We think we are funny, smart, and good-looking whilst performing this act and some people when writing are clearly “better looking” than others, but I digress…  I want to talk about the holiday season as it is now referred to or  Christmas as it is called in my house.  How my daughter handed me a written list (very proud of the writing) at 6 that is a page long.How she is looking forward to the days (we have 3 parties to go to) she gets to open her gifts so she can add that to all the STUFF she has already.   But it is not only her.  It’s her parents as well who have a basement full of STUFF acquired over the last 14 years of home ownership!  Over the next few weeks we will acquire more STUFF and give more STUFF to our family and friends.  It’s not that I’m opposed to giving gifts or receiving them. But this is why I prefer Thanksgiving over Christmas.  It’s about family without the STUFF and being thankful for what you have and the loved ones in your life.  Isn’t that the true spirit of Christmas.  So I am going to enjoy the STUFF I acquire over the next 9 days and then I am going to start getting rid of STUFF(and try not to add new stuff).  So happy Hanukkah, Kwanza, Festivus and whatever you celebrate and try to embrace the true nature of the holidays.  Tell em’ that you love them and not worry too much about the STUFF.  Of course if you were to give me an ipad this Christmas maybe I could use a little more STUFF?  

Thanks to all that read this blog and fans of the Poochamungas.  Good health and a safe and happy holidays to you all! Have a very Merry Christmas!


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