Two more song foundations built

Yesterday was a little more work than our first session.  I was hoping we’d get three songs done but we ended up getting two songs done.  That is just a part of the process. We really did some nice work including what I think is the only kids song written with a Bo Diddley beat! the only one I have heard so far.   There is probably another out there somewhere.  The studio is completely different from playing live.  Live is all about feeling it and being in sync and FUN!  The studio is about those thing but most of all it’s about being right!  Getting the sound right and the timing right and the tuning right and the bass line right and everyone right.  Speed up playing a song live…Who Cares?  In the studio you record it again.   You have to have patience and a sense of humor comes in handy.  Our band has a decent amount of both.  And you must have fun.  That comes across in the songs.  So maybe there is a lot in common with playing live.  The nice thing about recording is that if you mess up one small spot you can fix just that spot and  and not record the whole song over. Or you can add Horns later, add vocals, put in the sound of 100 seagulls on the beach.  Whatever you feel will convey the mood of the song properly can be added.  Of course you can add to much.  There is always that problem of knowing when enough is enough.  My favorite part of the whole thing is the collaborative effort.  Each person there brings part of the equation to make the song whole.  Alton is producing this time and he hears the things I don’t in the studio.  But John the engineer had some great suggestions as did members of the band.   We’ll probably not get the whole band back in the studio till January.  So for right now we have 5 solid foundations on which to work upon.  Not bad at all.


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