Recording and my Uncle Al

Well we are returning to the studio this weekend looking to put three more songs in the can so to speak.  Were laying foundations upon which the house will be built.  Guitar, bass, keyboards and drums.  Then we’ll add the vocals, horns, glockenspiel, kids chorus, etc. later.  I fell we  have a much better idea of what were doing after floundering around during the first CD plus this time I was smart enough to seek help in the studio.  Alton hears those things that I do not and that is why he is producing. I’ll let you know how things go after the weekend.

On a sad note my Uncle Al in Colorado passed away yesterday.  He was one of my favorites growing up. He married my mom’s sister Dorothy.  He was wonderful father, grandfather, uncle and friend.  When you met him the first thing you noticed was the gleaming silver hook he had for one of his hands.  He lost the top half of his left arm to a little thing know as the Korean conflict.  He was one of the Frozen Chosin. Part of the First Marine battalion.  The famous quote from the war was General Smith saying, “Retreat, hell! We’re not retreating, we’re just advancing in a different direction.”.  The had fought their way in and when the Chinese entered the war they had to fight their way out.  He was proud to be a Marine.  Despite the fact he lost half an arm it never slowed him down. Ever.  He chopped wood, shoveled snow, cooked and loved to go camping.  The hook made him fascinating to kids. Here was this really charming man with the really imposing appendage.  He was bigger than life.  He was kind, sincere and terribly funny..  When his wife, my Aunt Dorothy passed a few years ago he soldiered on. He went trips with his son to Panama and Italy.  Just last year he drove back Chicago with his grandson to see the family.  I will miss him and his radiant smile.  I miss the love he gave to his family.  Goodbye Uncle AL.  We’re blowing taps one last time for you Marine.  Your wife is waiting and you had a hell of a run.   The world was a lot more interesting with you around.  God bless.



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