Back in the studio, Thanksgiving and the holiday season

We’re back in the studio in a couple weeks and looking forward to laying a few more songs down on the old hard drive.  One upon a time it was tape.   These days it’s all digital. We laid three tracks back in September and hope to 3 or 4 more on our next  visit.  We are looking for around 14 songs total and to be finished in the spring/summer time.  I hope we progress as  smoothly as we did the last time.  With studio time you never know.  Someties the band is off, sometimes the producer and sometimes the equipment.  Just means you have to grind it out and work a little harder at it.  Eventually it comes together one way or another.

The holiday season is upon us and it’s safe to say the retailers have Christmas in full swing nearly skipping halloween and completely passing Thanksgiving in the process.  It seems all Thanksgiving is good for is to mark the day before Black Friday.  I personally think Thanksgiving is the best holiday of them all.  A day to appreciate what you have and who you love and no gifts necessary.  Plus there’s usually a really great meal involved.  It is my favorite holiday of the year.

As for us playing these day it looks like we’ll be playing on December 10 at the Blues Bar in a Holiday Spectacular.  More details are soon to come and there should be some great music.  We just played at the Trunk or Treat at the Bethel Community Church and we had a great time again.  We play there every year and Shawn our original lead singer always plays with us.  It’s a good time and if you ever get the chance it a great event open to all.

Talk to everyone soon and have a great day!


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