Work, gigs and working out new material

So last Saturday we had a gig at the Boppin’ and Blues Family Music Series at the Blues Bar in Mt Prospect.  While turn out was a little low the show was good.  Seems the band has found its stride.  The problem for me was the night before I was working at the firehouse and I was up all night.  I’m not complaining as that is part of the job.  Some nights as a firefighter you are not going to sleep.  Just because they give you a bed to use doesn’t mean your going to get to use it.  The problem with the lack of sleep comes when trying to remember song lyrics.  It seems lack of sleep and remembering lyrics are not a good combo.  Lucky for me the band is good and we always have a few copies on stage of the song we are playing at any given time.  So the band shifted course during my lyrical flubs and I quickly got re-tracked.  It was a really good show despite my couple of mental errors.

This Monday, October 10th at 2pm you will find us at the Barrington Area Library.  Looks to be a good show and should be a really nice turn out as there is NO SCHOOL for most of the area kids. This will be our 5th show in the last three months and that is a better pace for us.  Plus the fact our stage show is really coming together.  If you live in the Barrington area be sure to come and see the show.  The best part is it’s FREE!

Now I have personally been working with a singer/songwriter coach named Sue Demel(Sons of the Never Wrong) who teaches at the Old Town School.  While I consider myself a good songwriter it never hurts to get another perspective and she is a tremendous help when it comes to my singing which is where I think I need the most help.  If you’re looking for help in either in either area I strongly recommend her.

So what can I say but stop and see the show, get some sleep and if you’re looking for a song coach you know whom I recommend.  See you next time and have a great day.


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