In Studio and playing in the rain and upcoming show.

This was a rather busy weekend for all things Poochamungas.  Saturday myself and Pete played two acoustic sets at the Building Blocks Toy Store’s 15th anniversary party.  They gave away a ton of stuff, had cool games and Elmo made appearances as well.   The only dampener on the whole day was the weather in the morning when it rained.    We hunkered ourselves down under a borrowed large umbrella and played the first set enthusiastically if slighty wet.  People wet is okay…Acoustic guitars wet is a problem I can’t afford.  Taylor and Martin Guitars cost money and I can’t be affording to replace the one I have.  So while the guitars got just a little damp we had fun and played a nice soggy set for all those across from us under the canopies could hear.  Elmo stayed dry which is good because all that wet fur would have been really bad.  Second set was drier as the sun came out and we plugged in to the amp and mic’d up.  It was however the day of broken strings.  I broke one right before the first set when I was showing the guitar to kids and letting them strum.  It wasn’t yet raining when I broke the A string and quickly replaced it. The later happened towards the end of the second set when Pete blew a string and we swapped guitars and I actually played some harmonica on a few songs instead which worked pretty well.   May switch to that thought on a few more songs in the future.  It’s a really nice toy store and the staff are really great. ChiIl Mama was shooting video of the gig.  I hope someone got pics of our wet set as well.

We had a busy as Sunday we were right back at it laying down tracks for the next CD.  The studio was great and I wa joined by Alton, Pete, Frank I, and John who was recording us.  We managed to lay down three songs in our 4 hour window.  They will need some additions as well as vocals but a real solid start to the project.  All really good stuff.

We will be at the Blues Bar in Mt. Prospect on Saturday, October 1 at Noon.  Stop on by as it’s a great place to see a show and a great value as well. $5 per person to get in and $5 burgers as well.  It’s part of the Boppin’ and Burgers Family Music Series.  Till next time have a great day!


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