Rockford, Morton Grove and the new CD!

We had a great time in Rockford on the Kids Stage for On the Waterfront.  The weather couldn’t have been nicer and my kids had a great time as well.  Many thanks to Bill Osbourne for inviting us down once again.  We also got to hear Little Nashville who was on before us with a dog mascot and Super Stolie who followed with a bubble machine.  Next time we need a bubble machine as well.  Nicely done Super Stolie and not a bad set either!

We will be playing at the Morton Grove Library on Sunday, September 11th at 2pm.  If you read the Morton Grove community caledar they said it was a 9/11 tribute show.  While we will be paying tribute to 9/11 with a moment of silence,  a tribute show it is not.  A little heavy for kids 9 and under I would think.  They also mention a band made of of all Police and Firefighters when we actually only have 3 in the band.  That would be Pete, Gerry (Pete’s fill in) and myself.  No police at all.  So my apologies on that.  It would be nice if it were the case but it is not.  We look forward to a great time in Morton Grove.  There is a really good article in the Morton Grove paper and I would link to it but it seems I cannot on this webpage at this time.  If Anyone knows how to fix this feel free to leave a comment.

September 25th we shall be entering the studio to record the next Poochamungas album/CD untitled as of yet.  We shall also have Alton Smith producing this time around.  Looking foward to putting out the new material for all the Poochamungas fans!  Be back here soon and have a great day!


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