Acoustic gigs, Wigleworms and other things.

I have agreed to do an acoustic set at the Boogie with Building Blocks and our Friends event.  This will take place at 2130 W. Division at the Building Blocks Toy Store.  I shall be playing along with the possibility of another surprise Pooch or two.  We’ll let you know as we get closer to the event.  It’s looking to be a really fun event as they’ll have face painting, tattoo’s (temporary), games and some big red guy named ELMO!  Stop on by as it’ll happen on September 24th from 10am till 2pm.

I have signed up my son for his and my first Wiggleworns class at the Old Town School of Folk Music.  As he is only 17 months old I shall have to be happy for the two of us as we start next week for the next 16 weeks.  Now I know your saying aren’t you a childrens music entertainer?  I am, and a good one.   But it’ll be nice to socialize with other kids and I may learn a thing or two as well in the process. The reason for taking the class is my sons obvious love of music.  He dances and claps when I play guitar or put a on a CD.  It should be fun for both of us and since my daughter will be in school it gives us something to do once a week as well.  I also signed up to take a singer/songwriter class with the very talented Sue Demel (Sons of the Never Wrong, Come Sunday) once again. I learned a lot from her the last time and plan on doing so again.  If your a singer/songwriter check her out.

The other thing is we plan to start recording the new CD/Album on Sept 18th or there abouts.  Songs are ready and now we just need to finalize a studio, get musicians and get on our way.  Talk to you all soon and have a great day!


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