Sweet corn, missed rain and some really good food!

This weekend the band travelled out to Mendota, IL for the Sweet Corn Festival and we had a great time.  On the way there we could see some fierce storms to the north of us as we headed west from Chicago.  Lucky for us we were headed  south from there.  While the rain did try to catch us with a few quick showers we did not get wet during either of the two sets we played that day.  You can check out the rest of our pics on facebook and if you aren’t a fan yet press the like button, we appreciate it.  The first set at 3pm we worked a couple new covers and started without Alton our keyboard player as he an earlier gig.  By the second set we  had Alton back and we were off and running full speed ahead.  Just for the record that was the largest stage I have ever played on.  It was like half a football field complete with Astroturf!   While we didn’t draw hugely by the second set there was a number of kids dancing in the shade of the trees.

As for the festival we had some great corn, fresh tamales and stopped to eat after the show at a place called Johnny Ray’s Bar & Grill. They are the sleeper surprise of the trip.   While the service was a little slow the folks were friendly and the food was outstanding.  Their Onions rings

were truly magnificent.  Perfectly battered with just the right crunch!  If you’re in the area stop in and eat.   You won’t be disappointed!  The rest of the festival was carnival rides and the like although they did have a flea market going which was cool as well.  It was a good time and thank you to Mendota for having us!


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