Mendota, Rockford and other such gigs

So we had a pretty quiet summer but now we are picking up.  We’ll have 5 gigs in the next 3 months.  Now we may not be breaking any records but we have had good word of mouth and in fact two of the library gigs we are playing are the direct result of such actions.  Thank you Skokie Library.  My daughter and I were just there yesterday as they are having a series of concerts and other events just east of the library building called Wednesdays on the Green.  We heard the Michael Lerich Orchestra and they were great!  Even though we live in Chicago I am a big fan of the Skokie Library. Check out their events and they have a great kids section as well.

Listed below is all our upcoming gigs this year so far:

Mendota Sweet Corn Festival on August 13th from 3 till 5pm.

On the Waterfront in Rockford on September 4th from 4 til 5pm

Morton Grove Library on September 11th from 2 till 3pm

Boppin’ and Blues Family Music Series October 1st from 12 till 1pm

Barrington Library October 10th from 2 till 3pm

That’s all for now, talk to you all soon.  Stop by a show as we would love to see you.  We will also be unveiling a new band look with the Mendota show so stay tuned!


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