Gigs, Voice lessons, CD’s, and life in general

So it has been quiet couple months on the Poochamungas gig front this summer but we are about to start playing again.  If you get a chance you can come check us out at 10am at the Edgewater Farmers Market this Saturday, July 9th at 10am.   Stop by and say hi if you can.

In the spring I was taking singing lessons with Sue Demel who is a gifted singer in her own right (Come Sunday, Sons of the Never Wrong).  She’s helped me a lot with my singing and finding my own voice.  It’s definitely a work in progress but she has helped tremendously and I intend to take classes with her again in the fall. I highly recommend her and you can find her at the Old Town School. Singer/songwriters are her speciality.

Plans to work on the next CD stopped for a while because of life (kids, wives, school, funerals, summer camps, dogs, family,etc) but we are getting back to business this month  with song development and scheduling studio time.

So here I’m going to shamelessly plug the two CD’s running in rotation on the home stereo and car.  The Not-It’s new CD  Tag, You’re It  is power pop goodness.  It opens with Freeze Tag and just keeps rolling.  My daughters favorite is song #3 about mathematics which Danny sings which is funny because Sarah is her FAVORITE (thanks again for being so nice to my daughter at Jiggle Jam) and congrats to The Not-It’s on such a fine release.

The second is Brady Rymer’s Love Me for Who I Am.  The songs in the album are inspired by folks who have Autism, Asbergers and other disorders and the album rocks.  It’s just great music with a great message. My daughter has used “Please don’t try to change me. Love me for who I am” on her mom (unsuccessfully) when she asked her to clean her room .  We’re also a big fan of Who Wants to Wear Shoes? as the little brother is always taking his off.

So go buy some CD’s, look forward to a new Poochamungas album in the future and have yourself a great day. Oh and don’t forget to come see us on Saturday at 10am!


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