Song writing made easy pt. 2 and a bridge I’m looking to sell.

  All you need to do is write some words, find the right music and PRESTO.  A song!  Some do it easy and others labor.  I’m a laborer by by nature as I explained in the last blog.  But after my labor I usually find a fellow band member and flush out the bridge and see if the lyrics are right or add a bridge if there is none or change the rythymn or cord changes or…..  Lots of different things pop up at this time.  But this is when the song really starts to take a life of it’s own.  When it comes to songwriting I like to compare it to building a house.  I frame the house, put in the floors and roof and make it livable but stark.   The band then adds the cabinets, plumbing, heating, window trim, electricity,  throw rugs,  furniture, etc.  They really make the house inviting and warm.  So the songs are a total team effort.  At least that’s how I work.  I know others hear exaclty the way they want a song to be and then tell everyone where to go.   I prefer to see where the song takes us as a group and what each band member has to contribute.  That doesn’t mean everything gets accepted.  there is a vetting process.  The final vetting process being the recording in the studio.  Then you really know what’s working and what isn’t.  So this is a little peek into my songwriting process.  Let me know how you work yours.


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