Me and Malina and the Jiggle Jam!

Okee Dokee's getting their Jam on!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I went to there to have fun with my daughter and learn and I did both.  I got to reconnect with some of the artists I met at Kindiefest and meet some new ones as well.  These folks put in a lot of time to make there acts look so easy.  Having your own band makes you appreciate that.  Plus maybe one day we’ll play such a festival.  Perhaps we’ll host one here in Chicago someday.

It may seem strange to lead in with that paragraph but that is all that remains of my last blog draft as I seem to have deleted the thing when I was running to get my son as he had just woken up yesterday. I came back and all that was left was that .  So I had been talking about the KC Jiggle Jam and what a great time I had with my daughter.  From the multiple inflatables ($10 day pass) to the free arts and crafts tents (cool wacky hats, paper guitars to color and the chance to stand inside a bubble!) and a bubble tent with a BUBBLE MACHINE! They even had a garage band tent where anybody could jam and a lot of the artists stopped by to jam with their fans (I jammed on Harp a couple of times.  Saw the Okee Dokees as well!). There were plenty of food vendors with wings (KC masterpiece had some awesome wings), gyros, corndogs, italian sausage, pizza, etc.  There was a fountain you could splash in and oh yeah there was music.  I recall talking a lot about the music!  The whole reason for the Jiggle Jam is the bands and they had some great talent. The Verve Pipe (brilliant), Justin Roberts, The Not-Its (my daughters NEW Favorite band next to Justin), Brady Rymer, The Okee Dokee Brothers (with full band) and of course local guy (nationally known) Mr. Stinky-Feet Jim Cosgrove who along with his wife have a lot to do with the whole thing happening.  The whole reason I was down there is because I met Jim at Kindiefest and asked if I could come check out his event and he said “Heck Yeah! Bring the family!”  Well my wife stayed home with my son but I did bring Malina who had a great time.  She was mesmerized by The Not-Its who may be my new favorite as well.  They were great at Kindiefest but I finally saw their whole set and they Rock! Best 10am set I ever saw.  Brady Rymer was great later in the day and of course Justin Roberts along with his great band (the bass player was a bit different looking) who don’t get nearly enough credit as they all make it look so easy (it’s not trust me).  It was during this set my daughter adopted The Not-It’s (especially Sarah) who were watching as well.  By the way this was all on Saturday and a full Sunday was still ahead of us.  Lucky the Westin was right next door to the fest and we were able to take a few breaks.  One a rest break and one a pool break.  9am to 7pm is a long day.  Sunday was 10am to 5pm but…then they had the Kansas City Symphony playing that night including…FIREWORKS!!!  We never got to bed before 9pm.   Of course we had to see the fireworks as they were right outside the hotel as well.  So as my son is awaking one more time  (no deletion this time) go to Kansas City if you’re looking for a great time next Memorial Day weekend. Just be sure to get in the facepainting line early and tell Jim Cosgrove I sent you.


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