Voice Lessons

  If you’ve seen a live show of ours you’ve probably seen us open with the song Imagination Train.  Usually Nancy sings the song and she’s really good on it.  Well I have started taking voice lessons.  In the first class I was told to pick a song, any song and bring it back to work on.  I choose Imagination Train for two reasons.  One is that it’s one of my favorite songs and two is I never get to sing it live.  One of the reasons I am taking voice lessons is to be able to go out and perfom my music solo.  Don’t get me wrong I love playing in the band.  In fact I’d prefer to play in the band 99.9% of the time.  But sometimes only one or two members are needed for a gig especially if your trying to be cost effective or it’s a small space.  If I could  play all the time for free I would gladly but gas, mics, guitar strings, amps and making CD’s all cost money. I have been taking private lessons with Sue Demel at the OTS and she has been great.  I have been gaining confidence and range which is no small feat for me.  While I may write pretty decent stuff I always think my singing is “ehhh”.    I also have no intention of becoming strictly a solo act.  Playing music with the rest of the band is way to much fun.  So I’ll keep working on my singing but prefer to be working witht the whole band.


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