How to explain part 2.

{We’re a bit off the music track today so bear with me.) Well it seems that death has visited us twice in the last two weeks.  First my Uncle Jimmy who lost his battle against Leukemia and now the Jaja, my daughters grandfather on the mother’s side.  This one hits a lot closer to home.  While she knew my Uncle Jimmy he wasn’t a fixture in her life as he was mine.  He was more of her cousins grandpa so while she wanted to see the body and said he looked like he was sleeping at the wake this one is very personal.  She talks mostly to my wife about this as it was her father.  I told her yesterday after we came home from school.  Your Jaja has passed away.  He died this morning.  I gave her a hug and kissed her on the head.   She acknowledged what I said but she had already seen her friend and wanted to go play. Plus the dogs had escaped from the backyard when I went to pick her up at school.  Seems the landscapers left a gate open. Again.  So we had been out chasing the dogs with the neighbor all the while another friend had been watching the other child as he was taking a nap.  Not an uneventful afternoon to say the least.  So I arrive home (my neighbor corralled the dogs. Best neighbors ever!) to a crying child who woke up to find his father gone and an unfamiliar face attending to him.  My daughter wants to go play with her friend who she hasn’t seen all week due to the above and oh she and my wife had strep for the last five days. She also had fifth’s disease as well!  So as she is free of the fifth’s and 48 hours on antibiotics I let her go play.  I then attend to the crying child who stops when I hold him and then gives the friend who was caring for him a smile.  So I thank the friend watching the child, send my daughter off with the neighbor who caught the dogs (it was her son she wanted to play with) and took care of my son.   My daughter then has a nice afternoon with the neighbors as they fed her dinner, gave her desert (she ate all her vegetables.  Usually does) and headed for home.  Me and the boy stopped by the neighbors for a while after I fed him and he loves playing with their toys.  So at home mom had come back from helping her mother with the funeral arrangements.  We got the kids in their PJ’s, brushed teeth, gave a bottle to my son and then it hit her.  Her Jaja was gone.  Never coming back gone.  She had seen him the night before as he lay sleeping and had kissed him on the head and now he was dead and she took it hard.  So mommy explained while I attempted to put the other child to sleep (he wouldn’t go till mommy laid him down as well).  How he was old and sick and his body just shut down and that he would always be in our hearts and memories.  I hugged her goodnight and kissed her as well.  Mommy was with her for quite a while.   So this morning she was still sad but she did go to school.  Friday is the wake and I am sure there will be all sorts of new questions to answer.


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