Making the CD

So we are ready to make a second CD.  I have learned from the mistakes of old and will probably make mistakes anew!  We are going to use June to rehearse the new stuff so when we get in the studio there will be less experimentation and more getting down to business. I am also seriously pondering using one of the starter project websites such as Kickstarter or Indie gogo to raise some capital for the project as I have found out making the last CD.  Studio time doesn’t come cheap.  Sure you can get garage band or buy protools and a couple of mics and go at it.  But I have neither the technical savvy, money or space for such an endeavor.  Good mics cost as much as making an album and if your going to sound your best get a professional engineer unless you are a professional engineer and then maybe you can save yourself some money!  Looks like we have a producer on board as well.  So things at this time are looking up. for CD #2.   Our next gig is not till July 9th unless something happens between then and now at the Edgewater Farmers Market at 10am be there!


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