Mothers Day, Judy Collins and other stuff

  Well after last weekends Kindiefest this weekend is much more subdued.  I worked the firehouse on Friday and yesterday we had almost NOTHING to do.  Other than my daughters school art fair it was a really quiet day. I slept late at work and then I hung around the house with my wife and kids.  Made some lunch and folded some towels.  In the evening I headed over to the North Shore Center for Performing Arts.  I fill in occasionally as bartender and such when they are short of people.  They were sold out because Judy Collins was singing.  Not a huge fan myself (heard her voice crack a little) but you have to give props to a 72-year-old woman who sells out 800+ seats.  She was also playing a jumbo 12 string which I think was a Gibson but was two far from the stage to tell.  She was accompanied by a piano and in the second act she played the piano and sang.  The lady has some talent.   Send in the Clowns is the only song I know of hers written by Sondheim.  Anyway I just wanted wish my mom, my wife and all the other Mothers in the world a Happy Mothers Day.  I also reposted the Mommies Song on MySpace.  Have a listen as we send  out to all Moms today. Today I also get to see my daughter dance in her first recital.  I can’t thing of anything better to do today then spend time with the whole family watching my daughter dance.


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