All things Kindie Sunday

     Sunday morning I woke up a little after 8am having gone to bed early and having gotten my second consecutive night of sleep.   That alone is almost worth the trip to NYC.  However I do tend to miss my kids despite the lack of sleep they tend to bring and was glad to be heading home Sunday night.  Around the breakfast table there was a lot of Saturday night talk.  I ran into Jeff Bogle (Out with the Kids), Stefan Shepard (Zooglobble),Dave Loftin (SMCB), Paula Messer (the only member of the Candy Band awake), Eric Goetz (Board of Education), Dot Rust (DD Ryan Agency) and few others whose names I can’t remember (my apologies).  It was a nice morning, good conversation and then I went back to my room to get ready to check out. 

     After checking out and leaving my bags I had a difficult decision to make.  Do I go to the Sunday Music Festival with all the great bands playing or do I enjoy the third day in a row that was 70 and sunny.  Well….Sunny and 70 won out.  As much as I desired to go see some more great music the day was just to pretty to waste.  So I went and met a friend who lives in Park Slope for brunch.  I had the front desk order a car and went and waited outside where I ran into more Kindie-festers including Cory Cullinan,  Dr. Noize himself.  If you haven’t heard The Ballad of Phineas McBoof go and get it as it’s great.  It’s a musical of wonder and joy so go get a copy today… Well I’d prefer if you got a Poochamungas CD first but you should seriously give this CD a listen. It’s magical stuff!  After we swapped CD’s (I did a lot of swapping over the weekend) my car arrived and away I went.  I was dropped off on Butler Place not to be confused with Butler ave  which is where the hotel is and met my old friend Ankeen.  From there we headed to a nice little  breakfast joint which had delicious food and included some fresh squeezed OJ.  Then we went back to her apartment, she got some needed things for her yoga later and we went to Prospect Park.  It was a sea of people, blankets, kites, bikes, balls and barbeque.  We found a nice sunny place to sit and I  just enjoyed the sunshine as it’s been a rare guest in Chicago for the past month.   A beautiful park along with some great company. A perfect way to spend an afternoon.  We then went for another walk through the neighborhoods, found a nice mexican restaurant and had the best quesadilla I have ever had.  It was made with smoked chicken chorizo and my was it tasty.  I washed it down with a local Brooklyn Beer and it was time to part company.  I then walked back to Littlefield and got there just as the Verve Pipe closed.  I had seen them when they were in Chicago for Kidapalooza and they Rock.  My apologies to the other artists that played that afternoon as the beautiful day just refused to be ignored.  If you come to Chicago I promise to take my daughter to see your show (I’ll try really hard anyway.  We may have a dance class that day).  So all in all it was a really great weekend.  I met really great people, walked away with a real sense of kindie community, saw great music and most of all got to experience sunshine and 70 degree weather everyday!  I’m pencilling in Kindiefest 2012 (I’m still lobbying for Chicago as host) and I am  gonna have to check with the wife…


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