All things Kindie Saturday

  After a full night of sleep and not being woke up by wife or children (yes you should be jealous) I threw on some clothes and headed to the nice continental breakfast provided by the Holiday Inn Express. They had cheese omlettes, sausage, bacon, muffins, toast, cereal, juice, etc.   I remember speaking to a few fellow Kindie fest-ers (can’t remember who as my  memory after 40 can be spotty at times)  then went back to my room and got ready for the conference.  Fed and ready to face the day I started with the first panel which was about “How to succeed while really trying” and away we were as it was an excellent panel.  Own your own backyard was one of the themes and small towns pay too was another.  I’d love to give feedback on the highlighs of each panel but it seems I got distracted a few times.  Lucky for me we live in a digital age and I recorded each of the panels.   Because I have to tell you if I’m having a converstion with Ezra and Keith from Trout Fishing in America I am likely to skip the panel happening at that time.  This happened a few times as I would be in a conversation  during a break and then miss a  piece of the panel going at that time.   But because I was digitally recording everything I got to talk with exceptional artists one on one and still have the panel sessions for review.  Totally would of missed the collaboration panel if I had not recorded it. The Seattle folks got it going on! See kindiependent!  I was having lunch  with Mr. Stinky Feet and Jim and Sean of Alphabet Soup and gained invaluable info at that meal.  They promise a lunch break next year and I do hope they have one for because while eating is important ( I could do a little cutting back in that department)the sharing of info is as important if not sometimes more important than the panels themselves.   I did learn about Sound Exchange because of a panel and how they track music and pay people and the difference between what they do and what ASCAP, BMI, etc do.  This is all stuff I didn’t know existed. I have 5 songs listed with Sound Exchange! How cool is that!  The balance of the two is why this conference/festival is so much fun.  So after the panels there was a dinner break (finally!) but I was talking to Laura Doherty and a few other musicians so I stayed.  Thankfully someone ordered pizza during the awesome showcase so starvation was averted and I stayed for the whole show.  Every act was excellent but I don’t ever want to follow Shine and the Moonbeams. EVER!   They were fantastic as was the Candy Band (Closed with “Godzilla!”) For a full rundown of the showcase go to Zooglobble here as Stefan Sheperd gives a play by play with pics and videos and pretty much what I would of said about the acts that evening.  After all that music I went to bed.  I must be getting old.  Really a great day and  Sunday is to follow…


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