All things Kindie Friday.

  I arrived in New York Friday morning to sunshine and 70 degrees a good omen to be sure as the weather in Chicago has been lousy.  Gray skies, rain and cold are not how I choose to enjoy the springtime. I was picked up at the JFK airport by a firefighter friend and we headed out to see the area.  We tried to grab a short ride on the Circle Line tour but they had none to fit our time schedule so we found an excellent pub on Stone near Wall street called Ulysses (good food and beer selection)   From there I was dropped off at the Holiday Inn Express, checked in and met Jeff Bogle (Out With Kids), Tor Hyams (Kindiefest organizer) and Dave Loftin (Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl).  From there I rested, cleaned up and took a walk to see the area and get a new pair of shoes at the local sports store.  I figured I could unload the CD’s I brought to hand out/trade and then use that space for a pair of shoes that I needed.  Wrong.  It seems the many CD’s I recieved at Kindiefest negated that idea.  Anyway Friday night is the meet and greet and keynote speaker.  This year it was Kenny Curtis from Kids Place Live and he did a fine job.  Not as good as the job Dan Zanes did last year (not an act I’d care to follow) but a good job.  I did manage to get his autograph as requested by my daughter along with Robbie Schaefer and Mindy Thomas who could not have been nicer (if your read this don’t forget to play our CD!).  So Friday night I met Jim Cosgrove (Mr. Stinky Feet) Joanie Leeds, Stacey Peasley, Kathy O’Connell (Kids Corner in Philly), Drew, Darren and Jack of Recess Monkey, Stefan Shepard (Zooglobble), and the list goes on. There was a strong Chicago representation as well with Laura Doherty, Little Miss Ann, Jeanie B and Myself.   It’s really a who’s who of the family music scene.  The thing the got me is that everyone was really nice.  Stefan Shepard used the term “community” in his blog and that sums it up best.  You can read it at Zooglobbble it’s a good article.  There was a real sense of belonging to something bigger.  Later that night I went to dinner with some of the afore mentioned people and laughed a lot more. I followed that up with some sleep.   This was just Friday.  I shall delve into Saturday next.


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