This coming weekend I will head to NYC in the burrough of Brooklyn and attend Kindiefest.   The goal there being to improve and promote all things Poochamungas.  The have a meet and greet on Friday with keynote speaker Kenny Curtis, a slate of different panels on Saturday and then a full music festival on Sunday for which a separate ticket is necessary.  Last year because of Kindiefest the Poochamungas got some radio play and I met some really nice people in the industry.  This year I hope to do some more learning, start lining up promotion for our next album, line up some possible gigs and make some new friends.  Plus I hope to make a stop at Lombardi’s and have some of their fantastic pizza!

  Before I forget to mention it we had a great time at the Blues Bar in Mt. Prospect for the Boppin and Burgers series.  It’s a really great place to play and the food is really good as well.  I started this series with the help of Matt at the Blues Bar when I walked in there one day and saw the facility and asked if they would be interested in a Sunday afternoon once a month family music series.  He said they would be interested and thus Boppin and Burgers was born, the name to come later.  So hope everyone has a great day and be back here after Kindiefest


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