Music I like and Sundays gig

Recently the 2003 Saturn Vue we owned for the last 8 years died.  So we went and bought a new vehicle.  The reason I mention this is that it came with trial period of XM radio and Onstar.  254 new XM radio stations are now available to us.  So I am now able to listen to Kids Place Live which had been unavailable in the previous car.  We hear Robbie Schaefer, Kenny Curtis and Absolutely Mindy and its all geared toward the Poochamungas  audience.  So I get to listen to my “competition” so to speak.  Except I’ve never heard the Poochamungas played but that doesn’t mean it won’t eventually happen.  Not sure if I sent them a CD but will have to take care of that.  I digress yet again but a couple of the songs I really like are Brady Rymer “Love me for who I am” and Steve Weeks “Don’t nothing work around here no more“.  I like the Rymer song for its message of self-worth which is hard at any age but especially when your growing up.  I like the Weeks song because as a Dad and homeowner I have had these thoughts on more than one occasion.  If you get a chance check them out they’re both excellent.   In other news the Poochamungas will be taking the stage this Sunday, April 17th at the Blues Bar in Mt. Prospect at Noon.  The weather is supposed to be cold and damp and we promise to be warm and funny!   Come on by as it promises to be a really good time!   We also added the Oatmeal Song to the Myspace page as well so check it out.   Till next time thanks for reading and have a Great day.


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  1. THats April 17th