A little history and moving forward

So the Poochamungas band has really gotten rolling in our live shows as of late.  Come on out and see us if you haven’t because it’s a whole lot of fun for the whole family.  The idea behind Kindie music as it has been termed is just great music for the whole family. Lyrics geared so kids understand but music for the whole family.   There is no dumming down in the lyrics.  Instead it’s more of music relating to what kids think, feel, act and sometimes the parental perspective.   Dan Zanes is like the Father of the Kindie movement.  If you have a chance buy any one of his albums they’re great.  We have Catch That Train filled with originals,  covers, global influences,etc.  He covers old songs, writes originals and plays what he likes to hear   He started making the music he wanted his kids to hear because there was a void in the marketplace.   As we know nature hates a void.  Now we have Justin Roberts, Ralph Covert and even The Verve Pipe and They Might Be Giants have produced CD’s in this genre.  So here we are the Poochamungas in the middle of this family music movement and looking to produce another CD (You can check out our original at CDbaby.com)  We just had rehearsal yesterday and the new songs are sounding good.  With one CD behind us the second looks to be even better.   So come on out April 17th  at the Bules Bar in Mt. Prospect at noon for a great show and some good food.  We promise to have the whole family dancing and singing along.


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