Jumping in head first

 The whole thing started with a few songs I wrote for my daughter at home.  Specifically End of the Day, Animal Friends and Poochamungas which would later become the name of the band.  I recorded them acoustically in my friend Phils studio (Strain Busy Sky) with my buddy Pete.  We then distributed said songs to some fellow musicians and the idea of making an album was formed.  Originally we were going to record in Phils studio agan but an untimely rain storm and ensuing flood in said studio put that idea to a halt.  Undeterred we went to a professional studio, spent some money and made a album/CD.  So now we have a completed album and it’s pretty good.  It was our first effort and it even won a National Parenting Publication Award.  So now we will attempt to record a second album looking to be better than the first.  The trick is to do it while staying married to my beautiful bride, raise my two kids and work the full time job as a fireman.  Thus the title of the blog.   No worries I have  plan…sort of.


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